Play for pay and college education? Kai gets best of both worlds at G League


Posted at Aug 14 2020 07:30 PM

Filipino basketball prospect Kai Sotto clearly wants to go to the NBA, which is why he skipped college and enlisted in the G League.

But this doesn't mean he can no longer get a college education.

G League Select Team coach Brian Shaw said Sotto and his teammates have an option to pursue a degree.

"When they come to our program, if they do make it to the NBA, we still pay for them for four years of college with a program with Arizona State, if they ever want to finish their education, so that's what a lot of people don't know," Shaw told media on Thursday.

"On top of that, they're able to be paid a significant amount of money for this year to play, which they wouldn't have been able to get in college."

Shaw said the G League only wanted to give young, elite talents a shot at putting their complete focus honing their basketball skills.

"When you go to college, and I'm not taking anything away from going to college obviously, I've played college ball and it's a great experience, you have a lot of kids especially the elite level talent, they know exactly what their end goal is, they don't particularly want to go to school or go to class," Shaw said.

"This offers them an opportunity if they're on this level . . . They get to train and they don't have to go to class."

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