Immigration bureau deports 47 South Korean fugitives

Raoul Esperas

Posted at Dec 14 2017 06:45 PM

Forty-seven South Korean fugitives, who are wanted for various criminal offenses, have been deported to their home country.

The Bureau of Immigration has deported 47 South Korean fugitives who were wanted for various criminal offenses.

Associate Commissioner Toby Javier said the Immigration Board of Commissioners issued the deportation after deliberation with the South Korean embassy and South Korean Interpol.

Red Marinas, head of Port Operations Division, added that the names of the 47 fugitives will be included in the immigration blacklist. 
Marinas said more than 100 South Korean Interpol agents will board the chartered flight of Jeju Airlines.
The flight was shouldered by the South Korean government for the mass deportation of the fugitives.