UP’s Delta Lambda Sigma condemns Sigma Rho frat amid violence allegations


Posted at Sep 28 2019 11:38 PM | Updated as of Sep 29 2019 12:17 AM

The Delta Lambda Sigma sorority demanded "full accountability" from the Sigma Rho fraternity, calling for those who will be found guilty to "be meted out the punishment they rightfully deserve." Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News/file

MANILA - UP College of Law sorority Delta Lambda Sigma denounced the actions of the Sigma Rho fraternity on Friday amid allegations of hazing.

Delta Lambda Sigma was reacting to images that spread online showing a person with "severe bruising" and screenshots of conversations that contained misogynistic messages.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the sorority said: it "will never condone acts of violence, hazing, and misogyny from our supposed brothers. We condemn how they have maligned our sisters, and their utter disrespect for their supposed friends and fellow students.

"As an institution of empowered women, we detest all acts of bigotry towards any human being, most especially women, who, to this very day, continuously suffer from the oppression inflicted by the hands of men."


The statement was issued after photos and screenshots of a group chat of supposed members of Sigma Rho on hazing-related violence became viral on social media.

A photo showed an anonymous man with bruises on both arms.

Screenshots of conversations also showed another unknown person holding a paddle, and someone threatening to harm a "junior" member should the latter show the bruises he sustained from hazing.

"For decades, the UP Delta Lambda Sigma Sorority has been in partnership with the Sigma Rho Fraternity for purposes of achieving many of our advocacy-based programs," Delta Lambda Sigma said.

"In recent years, however, and after several incidents involving the same institution, it has become apparent that the fraternity’s members are incapable of upholding the fight they so eagerly claim to be a part of but miserably fail to protect."

The university's Office of the Chancellor said it is investigating the allegations.

Delta Lambda Sigma demanded "full accountability" from the fraternity and called for those who will be found guilty to "be meted out the punishment they rightfully deserve."

"We will not stand idly amidst this fraternity’s deplorable actions. The cycle of boys choosing to seek brotherhood in violence and speaking ill of women they call sisters and friends without consequence MUST END NOW," the sorority said.

Meanwhile, Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian called on the university's officials to "preventively suspend the entire Sigma Rho fraternity".

"UP should not let fraternity-related violence tar its reputation as the county's national university," Gatchalian said in a statement.