33 residents in Manila caught loitering during curfew

Lady Vicencio, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Apr 02 2020 05:39 AM

Thirty-three residents were rounded up by police after they were caught loitering in the streets during curfew hours late Wednesday, Manila.

Most of them are men in their twenties, 4 women, and some are senior citizens.

The offenders were brought to a covered court in Barangay 581 where barangay officials checked their body temperature upon arrival.

They maintained physical distance as they sat on the floor facing a projection screen.

Video clips about the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) were played, explaining how it can be acquired and transmitted.

Sampaloc Police chief Lt. Col. John Guiagi said the activity aims to emphasize on the individuals the extent of the pandemic and why it is important to follow the guidelines of the enhanced community quarantine such as staying at home.

In Sampaloc alone, about 800 curfew violators have undergone inquest since the start of the lockdown.

In the recent address of city mayor, Manila mayor Isko Moreno noted that COVID-19 cases in the city continue to rise.

Yesterday, 41 individuals were tested positive of the disease which brings a total of 116 cases in the country’s capital.

Sampaloc remains the area with the most number of cases with 35 individuals positive of COVID-19.

Guiagi admitted that there are residents who still defy the quarantine but police are coordinating with the barangays to prevent further community transmission.

The violators stayed overnight in the covered court until curfew was lifted at 5 a.m.