WATCH: Karen Ibasco talks about winning answer in Miss Earth 2017


Posted at Nov 06 2017 05:01 PM

MANILA – Newly crowned Karen Ibasco of the Philippines was highly praised for her performance during the question and answer round of the Miss Earth 2017 pageant held over the weekend.

When asked about who or what she thinks is the biggest enemy of Mother Earth, Ibasco, a medical physicist, pointed out people’s ignorance and apathy.

Appearing on ANC’s “Early Edition” on Monday, Ibasco explained her answer further, saying that climate change is a “moral issue” as it is caused by people’s actions.

“A lot of people really focus on climate change, but they tend to lose track of what the source really is,” she said. 

“That’s what really happens when you don’t know what you’re doing or if you’re apathetic about it. If you’re ignorant with what you’re doing, it results to climate change which is the excess of carbon emissions. It (emissions) goes to the atmosphere and leads to global warming, and then to climate change,” she added.

Ibasco also stressed the importance of striking a “balance between the economy and the environment.”

Watch her explanation below.