'I'm obsessed': Rachel Peters talks about new hobby during quarantine


Posted at Oct 13 2020 09:22 PM


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MANILA -- Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters could not believe that the quarantine has caused her to become "obsessed" with a sport that she used to ignore when she was younger.

The former beauty queen revealed that she has found a new hobby in golf as she stayed for the last seven months of quarantine in her hometown of Camarines Sur.

In an interview on "Metro Chats" via the FYE Channel on the streaming app Kumu, Peters recalled where her new love for golf started.

"We actually got into it just randomly. There was a random set of golf clubs in the farm of Migz's uncle," she said, referring to her fiance, Camarines Sur governor Migz Villafuerte. "We started hitting balls and now, I have my own set."

"I'm trying to play two, three times a week, and I'm obsessed," she added. "It's so great to be under the sun."

Peters, who is known for being into outdoor sports such as surfing and wakeboarding, said she may have finally seen the appeal of golf as the quarantine continues to limit travel and gatherings.

"It's an ideal sport for social distancing, if you think about it," she said. "And they say being under the sun kills the virus. And also, surfing is difficult because you need to go to a beach with waves. And it's really difficult to find areas that are working when you want them to be. So golf is just kind of ideal." 

"It's so frustrating, like you just want to be better and challenge yourself," she admitted. "It's the most frustrating sport that I've ever played, but I'm loving it so far." 


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Realizing how long it took her to get into golf, Peters went on: "It's crazy because my entire family plays golf. For most of my life, we lived in Phuket in Thailand, and golf was a huge part of my family. It was just our bonding."

"But sadly, I never got into golf regardless of how much they tried to push me to do it. I would always end up sitting at the pool waiting for them to finish their round and have lunch together. And so I was just never into it," she added.

"And now, all of a sudden... I don't know what it is about golf, maybe it's because I like being in the outdoors." 

While she was happy with her longer-than-expected stay in Camarines Sur, Peters said she is now enjoying her return to her home in Metro Manila. 

The former beauty queen hopes to get the chance to go to Siargao, where she owns a cafe and bed and breakfast, once the COVID-19 situation improves.