October 9 is World Egg Day: Here's how eating eggs will benefit you and your kids


Posted at Oct 09 2020 01:55 PM | Updated as of Oct 09 2020 02:04 PM

Whether you want it boiled, sunny-side up, hard-boiled, or scrambled, egg is always a good idea because it's cheap and offers various health benefits.

On World Egg Day, learn more about the Pinoy breakfast staple. Here are some reasons why eating eggs would be beneficial to you and your family: 

1. It repairs muscle tissues - Are you a gym rat or just one of those people who loves working out? According to the Food and Nutrition Research Institute's (FNRI) nutritional guidelines for Filipinos, eating eggs daily is good for growth and the repair of body tissues. 

2. Rich in protein - Research shows it is one of the finest sources of quality protein. However, doctors and dietitians recommend eating 2-3 pieces of eggs per week to prevent the risk of high cholesterol and increase in blood lipid. 

3. Eggs are perfect not just for breakfast. According to the FNRI, an egg contains essential minerals and vitamins -- except vitamin C -- that is needed by the body. 

4. Good for babies -- While eggs are known for being rich in protein, it also has vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium. 

One-half cooked eggyolk is usually given when babies reach seven months old. But FNRI recommends giving it to babies when they are around 11 months old, because of the allergy-producing qualities of eggwhite. 

5. Good for baby's food -- Lugaw or porridge is among the first semi-solid food given to babies. FNRI recommends adding eggyolk or dilis powder to lugaw to make it more delicious. 

The Department of Health said the World Egg Day is celebrated every second Friday of October to broaden the people's understanding on the benefits of eggs and their key role in human nutrition.