'It's not easy': Inka Magnaye opens up about working young, not finishing school


Posted at Sep 28 2020 05:06 PM


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MANILA -- Inka Magnaye recently revealed that she dropped out of high school due to financial difficulties, causing her to work extra harder to achieve her dreams.

The popular voiceover talent made the statement in response to a Twitter fan, who asked what course she took in college.

"I didn't get to go to college! I had to drop out of high school because my parents didn't have enough funds," she said, saying their family business "burned down" and her college plan "disappeared."

Armed with only a grade school diploma, Magnaye started working as a voiceover artist, following in the footsteps of her parents and relatives.

She admitted that she had to work "very hard to where I am in my own industry." 

"It's not easy," she said. 

Many netizens were inspired by Magnaye's road to success, but the voiceover talent was quick to remind everyone that school, while it's "not everything," is still very much important.

"School isn't everything, yes. But if you have the means to finish school, then please stay in school," she stressed. "Education is always to your advantage."

In another tweet, she said: "Please don't use my story as a way to drop out of school. I didn't have a choice. A lot of you do. I would have wanted a choice but I instead had to work with the cards I was dealt. Are you prepared to work extra hard to get to where college grads are?"

When asked what course she would have taken if she had the chance to go to college, Magnaye told a Twitter follower: "I've always wanted to go into linguistics. All kinds of languages interest me to no end!"

"And maybe even go into something like archaeology? I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a kid. Dig up bones or discover ancient Egyptian tombs," she added.

Despite not being able to get a college degree, Magnaye said she has no regrets about how her life turned out. 

"We live in a different world now. There are so many avenues to make a living. So yes, traditionally, a degree would have opened many doors for me. But it's okay because I was able to open doors for myself," she said.

"But if you have access to the key of education, I suggest you use it," she ended.