Study: 8 of 10 Pinoy kids choose internet over TV


Posted at Apr 24 2019 05:17 PM

MANILA – Eight out of every 10 children in the Philippines would rather have internet access over television, according to a study.

TotallyAwesome, a Singapore-based kids’ digital company, released the results of its fourth Philippine Kids’ Digital Insights study which “analyzes children’s digital behavior, online media consumption, device usage, content, as well as brand preferences.”

A total of 320 internet users aged 4 to 16 years old were asked to choose between the internet and television, and a whopping 84% said they prefer to stay online than tune in to the small screen (16%).

The study also noted that kids spend an average of 82 hours a month online.

The smartphone emerged as the favorite device among children (81%), followed by the tablet (56%), TV (54%), laptop (35%), and desktop computer (31%).

The internet also surpasses TV when it comes to advertising impact, according to the study. More respondents said they became interested in a certain product or service after seeing an online ad as opposed to a TV commercial.

“We have seen children in the Philippines being very vocal and fanatical about content that they see online. With a high smartphone penetration, it only stands to reason they are more impressionable to online kid influencers. Brands marketing to kids must drop bait where the fish are instead of holding on to outdated strategies,” said TotallyAwesome chief executive officer Quan Nguyen.

Check out the infographic below for the rest of the results of the study: