Keeping the Earth 'just right' for life

Ivy Jean Vibar, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Mar 25 2017 09:21 AM

Image Credit: NOAA/NASA

How hard can it be to find a planet that would be "just right" to support life?

It can be surprisingly easier than one would think, scientists said, as long as you know where to look.

"A Planet for Goldilocks", one of three full-dome shows at the National Planetarium's upgraded theater, details how scientists were able to discover thousands of planets orbiting sun-like stars, where liquid water might exist—making it possible for life to be found there as well.

Proof of actual life has not yet been found, but scientists are not giving up—they hope to someday have more tools to find more planets, and continue the search for planets that are just as "right" as the Earth.


In the meantime, while humans do not yet have any alternative planets to live on, green activists urged the public to do their part in keeping the Earth habitable and fending off climate change by participating, at the very least, in Earth Hour.

One hour of shutting down all your electronics, and reducing power consumption, said event advocate World Wildlife Fund (WWF), can deliver “a powerful message about the need for decisive climate change solutions.”

It is important to reduce each person’s carbon footprint, to ensure a future for Filipino children who will be the “climate leaders of tomorrow,” WWF said.

The Philippines has been championing the switch-off since 2008 and has topped global participation records from 2009 to 2012 – earning it the title of Earth Hour Hero Country.

“While the theme of Earth Hour remains at Shining a Light on Climate Action, we took to heart the role of the youth as the key to further propel the country into a climate-resilient one. We continue to engage and encourage the public to emphasize that together, we thrive,” said WWF-Philippines President and CEO Joel Palma in a statement.