Why Kris Aquino does not want to produce her own TV show


Posted at Oct 26 2020 03:00 PM


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MANILA – It has been a while since Kris Aquino’s followers last saw her on her own television program, hence it’s no wonder many of her fans often ask her when she is she going to make a TV comeback.

A netizen, in fact, suggested to Aquino to just produce her own show just like other celebrities.

In response, Aquino said: "Hindi ako kasing yaman as you may think I am."

The TV host made this remark on her Instagram in an attempt to re-introduce herself with her followers.

“If you feel like getting re-acquainted, I’ll do my best to answer as truthfully as is PROPER, whatever questions you may now have for me,” she said.

Aquino also addressed a question on possibly returning to ABS-CBN, her home network for several years. “I’d like to think bridges can always be built," she said of the topic.

For now, Aquino said she is not allowed to discuss what’s coming next in terms of her career.

Another netizen also asked how she’s currently doing after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

“There’s no cure... there are okay days & there are not so okay days... i just promised myself the not okay ones are only for me & those living with me to know,” she said.

While admitting that she is “physically not at my best,” Aquino assured another follower that she is “emotionally at peace.”

Meanwhile, Aquino dodged a question if she sees herself in politics in five years.

“It’s destiny -- so I can make all the plans but it’s really all up to God’s plan for my life," she said.

These are just some of the questions Aquino responded to. So far, her Instagram post has more than 2,000 comments.