‘Stronger together’: Claudine shares bonding video with Gretchen, mom Inday


Posted at Oct 19 2019 08:41 PM | Updated as of Oct 19 2019 09:31 PM


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As seen in the scuffle between Marjorie and Gretchen, there's still plenty of wounds to mend within the Barretto clan.

But at least, in a video posted by Claudine on Instagram Saturday, it's clear that some of the hurt is starting to disappear.


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Whereas once they found themselves in opposite sides of their family feud, Gretchen and her mom, Inday, are now in a loving side embrace as they took a short stroll along an unnamed mall.

Claudine wrote as the caption: "My Mom & my Ate stronger together. Dad for sure is so happy," alluding to the wish of their late patriarch, Miguel, of leaving behind their bitter fight of past.

They all had lunch, along with their brother Joaquin, shared Claudine, to mark the day their dad was cremated. She also said that they all waited to see the ashes together.


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It can be recalled that Gretchen and Inday's relationship soured when the latter, during the height of their family's feud, took the side of Claudine, who was then also at odds with Gretchen.

Inday went as far as to accuse Gretchen of being a liar, which led to the latter exposing the emotional abuse she suffered from her.

Many had hoped that the death of Miguel would pave the way for the family to heal, but those were quickly dashed when Gretchen and Marjorie had a physical confrontation at the wake.

Marjorie's daughter and Gretchen's niece, Julia, slammed the incident and apologized to her lolo for turning what was supposed to be a celebration of his life into a "circus."