LOOK: Lea Salonga reacts to Seth MacFarlane saying he'd sing with her


Posted at Oct 02 2020 05:02 AM

MANILA — “And I. Am. Dead.” 

This was what Lea Salonga wrote after watching a video of Hollywood star Seth MacFarlane saying that he would love to do a duet with her. 

The clip was from CBS’s “The Talk” and it featured MacFarlane, whom Salonga has confessed to be her “dream duet partner,” talking about his latest music projects. This included an album featuring duets with singer Liz Gillies, which was how the topic of a possibly singing with Salonga was brought up. 

Of the idea, MacFarlane described Salonga as “incredibly talented” and “one of the great voices out there,” which was why he’s a little hesitant to accept the offer at first. He did eventually say that he’d do it, adding: “I hope I can keep up.” 

Salonga shared the clip, which also showed her fangirling over MacFarlane, on Twitter. You can check it out below: 

MacFarlane is best known as the creator of the TV series “Family Guy.” He also wrote and directed the “Ted” films, and has five Grammy awards to his name for his musical work.