‘I was screaming in pain’: Derek Ramsay recalls suffering burns to eyes due to UV light machine


Posted at Sep 29 2020 06:36 PM


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MANILA — “I was screaming in pain.” 

This was what Derek Ramsay said as he recalled the excruciating pain he felt in his eyes following an accident involving a UV (ultraviolet light) machine they use at home, in an interview with a morning talk show this past week. 

The actor revealed that he was recently rushed to the hospital after he tried to fix their UV light machine, which they were using as a precautionary measure against COVID-19. 

He recounted that he didn’t feel anything at first after accidentally looking at the UV light directly, but hours later, he was not able to open his eyes. 

Ramsay said he tried to remedy it first with water and using eye drops, but the “burning” pain only got worse. 

“I was screaming in pain,” he said. 

It was at that point when he asked his girlfriend, Andrea Torres, to help him get to a hospital. “I was really worried that I lost my eyesight,” he admitted. 

The doctors confirmed that it was because of direct exposure to UV light. 

The country’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already warned against the use of UV light, despite its possible benefits of acting as a disinfectant in this pandemic. 

The harm it could cause with prolonged exposure include eye damage and skin burns, the FDA said. 


In the same interview, Ramsay and Torres talked about the possibility of getting married, among other topics like adjusting their lifestyles to the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19. 

Asked for a straight yes or no answer to whether they’re ready to take their relationship to the next level, both of them said “yes” without hesitation. 


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It was back in September 2019 when Ramsay first confirmed his relationship with Torres. It was a few months after he revealed his split with model Joanne Villablanca, whom he dated for six years.