38 years later, Raymond Lauchengco looks back at 'Farewell' from 'Bagets' soundtrack


Posted at Sep 28 2020 07:49 PM

Raymond Lauchengco

MANILA – “Meaningful, universal.”

This was how Raymond Lauchengco described his hit song “Farewell” 38 years since he recorded it for the iconic 1984 teen flick "Bagets."

In a lengthy Facebook post over the weekend, Lauchengco revealed how he happened to record the song composed by Odette Quesada.

“As it turned out, Odette had written 'Farewell' during high school and wanted to record it herself. But three years later, Viva sent her a synopsis of the film and asked her for music, so she gave up the chance to record it so that I could,” he said.

Before recording it, Lauchengco said “Bagets” soundtrack producer Spanky Rigor told him that saying goodbye as a theme was a difficult sell for commercial albums.

Lauchengco said Rigor had also told him how some singers “were hesitant to record such themes because they felt that singing a song that said goodbye was 'malas.'”

“Well, lucky for me, I never believed in malas or swerte. I simply think that we reap what we sow. So when he asked me If I'd be willing to record it for the movie, I immediately said yes,” he said.

True enough, the song is still popular almost four decades later.

“For 38 years, I have witnessed this song rise like a phoenix and take flight every time graduation season comes around, not only around the Philippines, but in American schools in Guam and the US mainland, and some other countries as well. I am also told that it is performed in international cruise ships. I suppose this is so because of the Filipino diaspora who work in all corners of the globe,” he said.

For Lauchengco, he has nothing but gratitude for having been entrusted with “Farewell” by Vicor Records, Viva Films and Quesada.

“So 'malas', it definitely was not. Meaningful, universal -- yes! Because this song was never about saying goodbye. It's about wishing that your friends will fare well, until you see each other again. That makes all the difference,” he said.

Watch Lauchengco sing the valedictory pop tune below.