‘Dagdag-bawas’? KC Concepcion responds to basher’s ‘enumeration’ of alleged cosmetic changes


Posted at Sep 20 2019 08:00 PM

MANILA — Actress-host KC Concepcion did not back down from a basher who claimed she has had a series of “dagdag-bawas,” or cosmetic changes, to her face.


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The comment was left on a recent photo of Concepcion on Instagram, and read, unedited: “Kala ko si MADAM AURING. Sa dami ng dagdag-bawas mo sa mukha, dami mo ng kamukha ‘Michael Jacson, Arci Munos, ang lips hanggang tenga na, sige banat at hila pa hanggang umabot ang cheekbones mo sa noo.”

The three personalities mentioned are known to have had cosmetic procedures done. Most recently, actress Arci Muñoz confirmed her own plastic surgery in 2017, saying, “It’s my life, my rules.”

Concepcion, in her response to the basher who observed the supposed changes on her face, neither confirmed nor denied she has undergone any cosmetic operation.

“Nakaka-proud ka ’te, effort talaga sa pag-enumerate,” Concepcion wrote, with a heart emoji.

Concepcion’s followers, meanwhile, came to her defense, with some saying there is nothing wrong if the actress did indeed undergo any procedure.

Others took a similarly sarcastic tone, pointing out that the basher’s keen observations only proved he or she is a fan of Concepcion.


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In recent months, Concepcion has also been the target of body shaming, which she has addressed numerous times.

On Thursday, she shared she has been trying to get back in shape, with a photo showing that her “cheekbones have begun to come back.”

“How I’ve missed them,” she wrote. “People ask how I’ve been losing weight the natural way. I pay attention to what I eat by having anti-inflammatory food like papaya, steamed fish, fresh tarragon, and lemongrass tea. I also do private power yoga classes every single day.”

“It’s the little things done consistently to improve your mind and body that count! Keep taking care of yourselves, loves!” she said.