Janine Gutierrez shares birthday message for dad Ramon Christopher


Posted at Aug 19 2019 03:31 PM

MANILA -- Actress Janine Gutierrez shared her birthday message for her father Ramon Christopher Gutierrez.

On Instagram, the eldest daughter of Gutierrez with former wife Lotlot de Leon, posted photos of her dad as she shared things that the actor did for his children.


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"I brought him with me to the Ateneo parents' orientation and he wore a bonnet as a sign of protest because he's a Lasallista. He drove to my taping in Bulacan once because my keys got stuck inside the car (not my fault, I swear!!) He will drive anywhere we (his kids) are. No matter what time, or where he's coming from. And he will come bearing McDo fries. He drives me to mall shows. In Baguio!" Janine shared.

"He taught us to love the Lakers, cars and F1, music, and he taught us that family is everything."

"I was obsessed with Herbie so he bought me a rusty VW beetle for 10K and built it up to run again. That was my first car. He always picks up the phone. And the first thing he says before 'hello' is 'love you.' Happy birthday papa! We are so lucky to have you and mama. Love you so much," Janine shared.

Ramon Christopher is the son of OPM legend Pilita Corrales with veteran actor Eddie Gutierrez.