‘Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan’: Episode tackles discrimination and why it should end


Posted at Aug 08 2020 11:44 PM

MANILA -- Discrimination is unacceptable in all its forms. 

And the newest episode of "Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan," aired this Saturday, showed why this needed reminding through four people, all burdened by their own experiences with it. 

These four people included a man who grew up bullied in school for his physical disability, a woman deprived of job opportunities because of her kidney disease, a half-Japanese left by his parents to relatives who eventually shunned him, and another who found himself uncared for at first by his stepmother. 

As explained in the episode, all their stories came to be connected because of how their struggles with being discriminated against led to them developing empathy for other people, and made them see the value in the tiniest acts of kindness. 

One example was how Jiro Kinomiya, a half-Japanese, half-Filipino hairdresser, randomly helped out Gemma Llames, who saw her dreams crushed because of her kidney disease. 

Kinomiya, out of pure good will, began a coin bank in his store where his customers --sometimes he does so himself-- can drop in a few extra cash to help in paying for Llames' dialysis procedures. 

It might not seem much but to Llames, any donated amount means the world to her, she said, as she strives for a more normal life. 

You can check out the recap videos below to find out, much like how a random helping hand can have a profound effect on a person, any form of discrimination, no matter how small, can leave lasting scars. 

Part 1: 

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