'Let us help unite PH': Martin Nievera urges lawmakers to bring back ABS-CBN on air


Posted at Jul 04 2020 03:18 AM

Martin Nievera has urged lawmakers to renew the franchise of ABS-CBN so that the Kapamilya network and its artists can help the government in its continuing fight against COVID-19. Instagram

MANILA — Martin Nievera has written to lawmakers urging them to renew the ABS-CBN franchise so that its artists and stars, like himself, could “help unite this country” during this pandemic. 

The music icon posted his letter on Facebook, after the government ordered more ABS-CBN broadcast platforms to shut down, affecting the lives of thousands of employees. 

The letter said: “My heart breaks just to think that all of you would want us off the air completely.” 

Nievera, who has been with the Kapamilya network for decades, admitted that ABS-CBN “may have made some mistakes through the years,” but begged those deciding on the fate of its franchise: “Please gives us a chance to improve ourselves.” 

“Please, please let us try and prove ourselves worthy of a second chance to right all our wrongs and continue to be in service of the Filipinos all over the world.”

“I know you must be so tired of hearing that line, but it’s so true. I trust all of you who work tirelessly to make the laws that keep this country together and I thank you all for your service, but please let me; let us help you unite this country further by doing our jobs as Kapamilya.”

Nievera said that he cannot imagine the Philippines without ABS-CBN, and threw in the proposition that renewing its franchise could be beneficial to the lawmakers themselves. 

“I believe if we had another chance and you grant us this new franchise that we could help unite our people with our songs, laughter, news and fundraisers when help is needed. We can also help all of you by having your voices heard for whatever whenever.”

He continued: “I would like to think that we all could work together for the better good. Just give us a chance to prove ourselves.

“Lets find solutions. Let’s find answers. Let’s find a way to make this work. ...With every ounce of humility that I can muster I beg of you, please give us a chance to be better, to correct our mistakes. Let us work together in harmony from this day forward.”

“Help us help you make this a better Philippines by keeping us on the air.”

You can his full letter below: 


It was earlier this week when government ordered shut two more ABS-CBN broadcast platforms — TVPlus and SKYdirect — prompting its celebrities and supporters to speak out against decision.