With Seve turning 3, does Toni plan to have another baby?


Posted at May 30 2019 02:00 PM

MANILA – Toni Gonzaga said she and her husband Paul Soriano still don’t have plans to have another baby almost three years since they welcomed their son Seve into their lives.

Gonzaga told ABS-CBN News that she and Soriano prefer to just trust God’s timing.

“Kasi with Seve, we really planned na two years after [wedding] kami mag-baby. Pero after eight months binigay na siya sa amin. So it was not part of the plan, nangyari agad. But so far wala pa naman plan [mag-baby ulit],” she said.


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For now, Gonzaga said she is focused on her son alone who is turning three soon.

“'Yung first two years is like honeymoon stage for us, getting to know each other, the rhythm as mother and son. Now we are in the stage where we are teaching him a little bit about life, that life is not all about when you cry, you’ll get what you want,” she said.

Gonzaga said looking after Seve can be a handful at times because he’s become more curious about a lot of things.

“Nandoon na din kami sa sobrang kulit na. We call it terrific two, because it’s a terrific stage for us. He’s very curious about everything. He’s curious on a lot of things. His development for us is impressive kasi for a two-year-old, ang dami na niya lagi tinatanong,” she said.

Currently, Gonzaga is enjoying family time in Japan.