LOOK: Jessy inspires with weight loss progress


Posted at May 30 2018 08:17 PM


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MANILA -- Jessy Mendiola, who has endured being the target of body-shaming even as she was dubbed the "Sexiest Woman Alive" in 2017, now proudly calls herself "Pata Queen," a term previously used by "bashers" to malign her, and has learned to channel into something productive persistent comments about her weight.

The 25-year-old actress nowadays shares updates on her fitness journey, the latest of which came in a form of an Instagram story where she polled followers on whether she has to buy a new pair of pants. Her dilemma, she explained, was that her favorite has become too big for her.

A screenshot of Jessy Mendiola's May 29 Instagram story. @senorita_jessy/Instagram

Emphasizing the point, she posed for a selfie Wednesday showing just how loose her jeans are now.

She also posted an Instagram photo of her bare abdomen, apparently after gym training. Though still working towards her goal, her toned abs show Mendiola has at least made some progress.


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In her playful caption, she addressed her abs: "Alam mo, wag ka na mahiya. Mahal naman kita, e. Pakita ka na, promise di ako galit."

In early May, when she proudly claimed the "Pata Queen" title as a positive moniker, Mendiola had fans agreeing that full curves on a woman's figure are equally beautiful as the traditional standard seen in popular media.


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With "trolls blocked" on her Instagram profile, Mendiola appears to have turned the tide after grappling with "bashers," and now inspires with a conscious focus on positivity.