Morissette thanks boyfriend Dave Lamar for making her feel less alone


Posted at May 28 2020 12:00 PM

MANILA – Morissette Amon and her boyfriend Dave Lamar came up with a new collaboration over the weekend, much to the delight of their fans.

On YouTube, Amon shared their newest cover which is a duet of Lewis Capaldi’s “Somebody You Loved.”

“These days, I've been keeping busy with my social media platforms and here on YouTube, working on and putting out more music content for you all to enjoy,” wrote Amon in the caption of the clip.

“And for this next cover, I couldn't be prouder to collaborate on this new hit song with my best friend, partner-in-everything... and yes, the man behind the cinematography and creativity of my videos, who I'm now gonna pull into the spotlight,” she added, referring to Lamar.

At the end of her caption, Amon thanked Lamar “for making me feel less alone and for continuing to be a light in my life,” contrary to the message of the song.

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Both Amon and Lamar where part of Sarah Geronimo’s team during the first season of “The Voice of the Philippines.”

In August last year, the issue of Amon's falling out with her father, supposedly because of her relationship with Lamar, surfaced.