Gloc-9, Raymund Marasigan release new song in time of lockdown

Rick Olivares

Posted at Apr 24 2020 06:13 AM

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MANILA -- Rap artist Gloc 9 and rocker Raymund Marasigan have released a video for a song titled “Gera Gera" on YouTube on Thursday.

While the song is open to one’s interpretation, one can infer that the current lockdown – now on its 40th day here in the National Capital Region -- due to a worldwide pandemic has a strong imprint on the its meaning.

“Buhay ang nakataya / Tago-taguang laro, lahat tayo kasali / 'Di ka puwede magbiro dito sa gera gera.”

“We recorded this a couple of weeks ago,” said Marasigan. “I wrote and recorded the chorus and the bridge and was looking for someone to write the verses. I asked Gloc-9 and he wrote it very quickly – in a couple of days. He recorded his vocals on his mobile phone because he did not have any access to a recording studio.”

The rapper’s vocals weren’t the only thing recorded on a cellular phone. The accompanying video was shot in the same manner. Marasigan admitted to a lot of trial and error, but managed to get it done.

The video was shot in the respective homes of the two artists and has a somber tone and a darker hue. Animals such as dogs, cats, even a rooster are used to convey some sense of anxiety. Marasigan himself is covered with a face mask and cannot be seen. He performs his instruments and sings almost in shadows.

In contrast, Gloc-9’s face can be clearly seen as he sings by his window and bedside.

“The song is how you see this strange situation,” summed up Marasigan.