Business Mentor: How entrepreneurs should face fear

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Nov 23 2019 01:15 PM

Everyone is afraid of something. The same goes for entrepreneurs.

There are two types of entrepreneurs: the first creates several businesses at the same time; the second creates one business and focuses on it.

Both of them face a certain degree of fear. The only difference is that the first person takes more risks than the second, but instead of being fearful, he finds a way to turn around things and create solutions that can completely eradicate or at least minimize problems.

FEAR may have two meanings. It may either be Face Everything And Run, or Face Everything And Rise.

If you are an entrepreneur, you need to realize that the struggle doesn’t stop once you have set-up the business. It is actually just the start of a string of challenges as you climb your way up.

A fearful entrepreneur easily gives up for the sake of security. He doesn’t see that there may be new doors opening for. Entrepreneurs should believe in themselves. To gain confidence, an entrepreneur must equip himself with the right skills and knowledge so he can fully explore new opportunities.

On the other hand, the first entrepreneur who has a lot on his plate does not make him fearless at all. In fact, there should be more things that can make him anxious particularly with regards to manpower and finances.

Signs that fear is holding you back

1. Being a pessimist. This is the kind of person who just plainly sees the negative things around him. Despite what others may tell him that something is good, he would rather point out the flaws than see the benefits.

2. Fails to think things through. This person fails to think of other possibilities. He has set his mind on one thing and will not entertain other people’s opinions about it.

3. Jumps ship at the sign of change. Change is something that we cannot avoid. People who reject any change are afraid of accepting new sets of standards.

4. Does not mingle with other people. He would rather stay in his room or ask someone else to take his place rather than to connect with people.

5. Superstitious. Although this is normal in some cultures it sometimes affects business decisions. Relying too much on unfounded beliefs delays decision-making.

How to conquer fear

1. Face your fear. If you fear public speaking, learn to improve how you relate to people. An entrepreneur should be out there speaking to people and showing off what his business is all about.

2. Change how you perceive adversities. Keep in mind that nothing will stay the same for long. And time passes, the world changes as well. A perfect example is how technology impacts businesses today. Adapting digital technology into your business allows you to expand your business.

3. Identify what causes your fear. Sometimes there are situations or events in the past that may be causing our fear. It is best to talk to a professional regarding this so that you may be relieved from it and finally have a strong will to go move on with the world.

4. Educate yourself. What are you afraid of? Learn more about what you are fearful about so that you can have a better understanding of it.

5. Eyes on your goal. No entrepreneur wants to fail. Your goal, of course, is to become successful and to be able to reach that goal, things need to be done.

6.  Believe in yourself. Never underestimate your capabilities. Believe that you can do things and make them better. Forgive yourself for the mistakes that you may have done and allow yourself to rise up with your head held up high.

Surround yourself with people who can pull you up rather than those who would only condone your fear. If others can do it, so can you. Seek an expert on how you can focus more on the positive rather than dragging yourself down.

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