Big size purchases: Consumer behavior shifts due to COVID-19 pandemic, says P&G


Posted at Sep 15 2020 01:13 PM

MANILA - Procter & Gamble Philippines said Tuesday it has been "operating well" despite the coronavirus pandemic, meeting demands from consumers whose behavior have largely shifted. 

Consumers are now buying in "big sizes" with fewer trips to the shops, said P&G Philippines president and general manager Raffy Fajardo.

Since the pandemic, the company that produces household products hired at least 100 managerial positions to help meet the demand, Fajardo said.

"We’re seeing more consumers are buying big sizes, there’s fewer shopping trips and obviously we’re going to be there to meet the needs," Fajardo said.

"Largely our products is on the shelves, there’s no disruption anymore," he added.

Although online sales have surged, offline sales remain significant for the brand whose products are present in about 90 percent of households in the country, he said.

"Offline sales is equally important, a lot of consumers still buying offline…We’re doing very well across all trade formats not just online," Fajardo said.

P&G earlier tweaked its diaper and sanitary napkin plant to manufacture medical grade face masks.