Business Mentor: Skills that make a company successful

Armando Bartolome

Posted at May 25 2019 08:12 AM

Maintaining a business is harder than starting one. It takes more than just financial resources, it’s also about having the right people with the right skills and attitude. 

This is what I always emphasize whenever I get the chance to talk to entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs: it is essential that you know what you need from the people who work for you. 

It is not enough that they have all their 5 senses intact. They need to have the necessary skills that will help the company prosper. 

This is also the reason why individuals who apply for jobs, should be aware that there are specific skills needed in the positions they apply for. 

What is the most important skills that an employee needs to develop? Thinking outside the box. 

You may have noticed when you were still in school that there are students who are great with books, but once you give them problems to figure out, it is not so easy for them. 

Thus, human resource professionals look for more than learned skills when hiring employees. 

It is important that the candidates for a certain position have soft skills such as communication, empathy, self-understanding, and ethics. 

Other qualities and abilities that are important are:

  • Ability to collaborate
  • Global awareness
  • Spirituality
  • Ability to deal with conflict
  • Awareness of environmental and social issues
  • Health
  • Affinity for the Arts
  • Awareness of the importance of technology
  • Time Management
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism

Individuals who have these soft skills tend to be promoted quickly because they don’t just do their jobs but exceed what is expected from them. 

Even if an individual was hired to work on data mining or on sales, some issues would require their soft skills. 

As the boss of the company, an entrepreneur need not be the person who interviews your potential employees. But it is better to take a hands-on approach when hiring people. 

Similarly, companies should also assist employees in developing new skills. This may be in the form of quarterly workshops and monthly assessment. 

Companies may consider using certain apps which their employees can access through their mobile phones. This should not be seen as an added expense or waste of time. Because in the long run, the company is the one that benefits from all of these. 

Additionally, I feel that when you help your employees, you hone them into much better individuals. 

Being a part of how they have become better individuals is something to be proud of. You will never know who among them will become the next CEO of a successful company. And for sure, you will always be remembered by them.

One advantage of providing these training workshops and assessment programs is that it helps boost your workforce retention. 

When employees are fortified with skills, they eventually develop a huge competitive advantage, thus allowing them to climb up the corporate ladder.

My advice to entrepreneurs: You need the help of others to become successful. 

It is always a two-way lane: you provide them with the proper training so that they can give you an exceptional quality of service. 


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