Nestlé Philippines assures full pay for all employees during COVID-19 lockdown


Posted at Mar 22 2020 04:35 PM

MANILA - Nestlé Philippines on Sunday said all of its employees will receive full pay during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

The food production giant said this applies to its employees under a work from home arrangement, and those who are not able to report for work because of the enhanced community quarantine over the whole of Luzon.

The company said it will also give premium pay for the work of skeleton staff in production during the quarantine period.

Nestlé said it will grant early crediting of the March 2020 payroll and performance bonuses; free shuttle service, meals and lodging inside the factories, and reimbursement of medicine purchases, among other benefits.
“We are grateful particularly to our frontliners who help make our products accessible to consumers. We recognize that they are facing great challenges and making tremendous sacrifices, and so for our part we can only find ways to support and care for them,” said Nestlé Philippines chairman and CEO Kais Marzouki in a statement.
Nestlé said it will also provide financial assistance to its third party merchandising agencies, co-manufacturers and distributors so that these businesses can also help their employees. 

Some of these employees will be allowed to work from home as applicable, while others will be given free transportation or gasoline reimbursement for skeleton staff, the company said. 

Nestlé said it is also giving an emergency allowance to support third party employees of its distributors, and Nestlé gift products for merchandisers and truckers.

"In addition, Nestlé employees on their own initiative are raising funds for the employees of business partners, supplementing Nestlé’s assistance," the company said.

Some of the country's biggest companies and conglomerates have already assured that their workers will continue to get paid even as businesses suspend operations because of the COVID-19 lockdown.