A look from Name. autumn-winter collection 2019. Right: Vital Material's collab with Cinoh. Photographs from @name.official and @vitalmaterial_official on Instagram
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These style brands will only deepen your admiration for everything Japanese

Three brands, if stockists take them in, stand to make an impact on the way we look at fashion.
Jam Pascual | Nov 25 2019

There was a special pop-up trade show that happened at The Curve in BGC over the weekend that would have made you wish more Japanese brands popped up in more stores and malls in the country.

It’s called Parallel Culture Tokyo. Organized by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Japan Fashion Week Organization, PCT was a pop-up event that showcased three of Japan’s most elegant and innovative fashion and lifestyle retail brands: Name., Vital Material, and Flower Mountain. If you thought your love for Japanese fashion could only be pursued through either travel or digging ravenously through a bargain bin, well, this show brought Japan a little closer to home.

Sneakers from Flower Mountain as seen in last weekend's pop-up at The Curve in BGC. Photo by Jam Pascual

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The three brands, if they’re picked up by retailers and stockists, stand not only to appeal to an established and growing market of Japanophiles, but also perhaps uplift the way local retail is doing things.

Pieces from Name. as seen in the Parallel Culture Tokyo pop-up. Photo by Jam Pascual.

Name. is a clothing brand that has accomplished much since its conception in 2010. Some years after opening its flagship shop in Nakameguro, Tokyo, it strutted its stuff in Paris Fashion Week, presented in Shang Hai, participated in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo twice, and has set up thirty stores in Japan. With pieces designed by Takuji Yamada, Name. has a penchant for bold silhouettes and textures that give off a kind of metallic sheen. Their current collection, whose concept is described as “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,” has colors like mint green and light concrete blue indicating a distinct urban feel.


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Meanwhile, Vital Material’s goal is to reconnect their patrons with nature through lifestyle home products, with items such as fragrances, scent diffusers, wax and even scented candles produced through select materials and manufacturing processes. Their spot in the showroom was decorated with ornate flower arrangements. They’re currently being stocked in Italy, Russia, Brooklyn, Luxembourg, and of course in multiple fashion outlets in Japan. These fragrances and delicate scents are presented in masculine shapes and colors, like things you’d come across in an old gentleman’s barbershop.

A piece from Flower Mountain at last weekend's Manila pop-up event.

Finally, we get to Flower Mountain, which sells mountaineering shoes designed with off-beat, vibrant colors, and is inspired by the ways we can seek harmony with the rhythms of the natural world. Taking inspiration from nature with their hues and palettes, while also riding with the ongoing chunky shoes trend with big, soft soles and heels, one would be smart to bet on Flower Mountain being the next big thing in utilitarian, stylish kicks. They’ve been stocked in France, Australia, Germany, England, Italy, and in the United States.


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