Jinggoy Buensuceso's origami-like metal sculpture is one of the captivating pieces in Derek Ramsay's home.
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From art to furniture: The 13 key pieces in Derek Ramsay’s sleek new home

The four-level structure is a showcase of the actor’s fine taste in furniture and his bold preferences when it comes to art 
JEROME GOMEZ | Sep 22 2020

Derek Ramsey recently gave his followers a tour of his house in Filinvest, Alabang. And while it’s a home he shares with his girlfriend Andrea Torres, his son Austin, and a nephew, it is very clear the actor set the direction for the home’s architecture and interiors. 

The 4-level crib is sleek and spacious, it’s interiors filled with a lot of stone and wood elements—heavy, dark, masculine—softened only by the space and the light that surround it. The place is also a showcase of the man of the house’s fine taste in furniture and his bold preferences when it comes to art. 

He likes conversation pieces, Derek confesses, and he’s assembled quite a number of them here. 


1 The bespoke sculptural door handle of the entrance door is by Jinggoy Buensuceso. It is made of casted and buffed aluminum, and is part of the artist-designer’s Splash series—where everything seems like water frozen in time. Jinggoy says to arrive at this quality of shine is a very long process that begins with the casting. 

Photo by Jinggoy Buensuceso

2 An oil on canvas painting by Dominic Jinon. Called “Free Will,” it is likely the first artwork that visitors will spot what with its bold style and pop art aesthetic. Jinon is a young artist who’s also done advertising work. He is from the Technological University of the Philippines where many of today’s young promising talents come from. Visit his Instagram account to see more. 


3 The Moon System sofa by Zara Hadid. Created in collaboration with B&B Italia, the sofa takes inspiration from geometry and some of the futuristic sculptures and buildings that the Iraqi designer masterminded. It looks like a chair sculpted from one material, with a backrest, seat and armrest. One of its attractions is that no single angle is like the other. It looks hard but is wrapped in a flexible polyurethane foam so it should offer a little comfort. As for the price, it’s around 12,460USD without the ottoman, according to this website


4 The origami-like metal sculpture by Jinggoy Buensuceso, the second of three pieces from the artist-designer in this house. Commissioned by Derek as well, it comes from Jinggoy’s Origami series, where every piece captures the form of crumpled paper which, for the artist, symbolizes the  necessary steps towards perfection. 


5 The huge marble top table in the dining area surrounded by chairs whose design, says Derek, is called The Stiletto. 


6 His Poliform kitchen setup, says Derek, is a combination of wood, stainless steel, and lacquer. Not only does the owner say it’s a very good investment, he adds, “It’s a beautiful kitchen. For me, it’s a work of art.” His partner Andrea, who cooks more often, enjoys using it. As for the actor, he just loves looking at it. “Dapat maganda po ang kusina sa bahay,” he says. 


7 The bamboo ceiling at the poolside. Real wood, says Derek, gives the area a softer feel and makes the atmosphere homey. 


8 The accent chair that resembles burnt wood. “The artist is just a genius,” raves Derek about this piece by the glass window on the second floor. “It’s beautiful to look at.” 


9 The Moroso Gentry Sofa by Patricia Urquiola. "Super comfortable,” says Derek of the piece. Some of their guests love it, some don’t like the mustardy color which the owner jokingly refers to as “kulay diarrhea.” Made both for sitting upright and lounging around. The Moroso website says the seat cushions are in “goose down over polyurethane foam.” According to hivemodern.com, the two-seater can set you back 7,880USD. 


10 “The Nightcrawler” by Hamilton Sulit hangs proudly in the house’s master bedroom. Sulit is a graduate of the FEU Fine Arts program and has had solo exhibitions in at least two of Manila’s respected galleries, Blanc and West Gallery. His subjects tend to be on the darker side, meaning suffering and death, and his work generally employs godlike figures. 


11 The headboard or accent wall at the master bedroom by Jinggoy Buensuceso. It is made of many layers of cut out wood and resembles a rock formation. Derek says it was inspired by the Grand Canyon. “I can stare at that all day,” he says. 

Photo by Jinggoy Buensuceso

12 A glass-framed artwork by Ross Capili located between the nephew’s bedroom and the home gym. The mixed-media piece continues the artist’s obsession to capture the fleeting moment, and yet it took Capili 10 years to complete this. It seems to be composed of a series of canvases, and appears to be a fusion of his two passions: painting and graphic design. 


13 The 7-ton rock in the small outdoor garden where Derek says he will put the house’s number. It’s so huge that when it was delivered and transferred from the truck to the property by a crane, it almost destroyed the perimeter fence and the glass window of one of the rooms. 

Images from Andrek Vlogs. 


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Watch more in iWantv or TFC.tv