The Mishukus do love their Eames. Photographs by Chris Clemente
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More photos of the home of the Mishukus, the couple who restores midcentury modern furniture

The home of the duo behind Midcentury Manila is filled with interesting nooks and crannies that display their taste for cool vintage furnishings and postmodern art. 
ANCX | Feb 22 2020

When Ken and Isa Mishuku were starting to build their new home in Laguna around a decade ago, they first disagreed on the interiors. He wanted to build on his love for vintage guitars, and was playing around with leather couches and brick walls in his head. But Isa wasn’t about to live in what she thought would be a mancave. She wanted something modern, a term that Ken was averse to because it made him think of odd, plastic furnishings from the 2000s. 

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A cozy nook.

They eventually agreed on an aesthetic, and, in the course of filling their home with beautiful things, the two stumbled onto a new obsession for midcentury modern furniture. Taking cues from the 20th century Bauhaus school, these are pieces from the 1940s until the 1970s that typically had a space age-motif, bright colors, and unconventional forms. 

“More than a decade ago, we had opposing ideas on the interiors of our new home,” Ken admits. The couple are clearly in agreement now.

It’s an interest that turned into a passion project and business called Midcentury Manila; the two would find vintage furnishings all over the world, restore them, and sell them here. It’s an endeavor that would continue widen their own design perspective, a growth that is clearly seen in the home that they built. 

Vintage Eames rocker in rare Alexander Girard upholstery
A Nasser Lubay artwork completes this vintage guitar-inspired corner.

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Vintage Eames Tandem Shell chairs line the bookshelf on the right.

An Eames Compact Sofa by Herman Miller anchors one side of the rooms of the home, which is filled with floor to ceiling windows.

The couple against their shelves full of books on design and rock music.

The Mishuku kitchen is spare and bathes in natural light.

Ken’s workroom set up.

A Bertoia wire chair.

Yeo Kaa and Lynyrd Paras sculptures

The staircase enhances the house’s modern and airy vibe.

A Lynyrd Paras artwork.

“Guests would often remark how weird yet pleasing our interiors looked like. They would describe our home as a breath of fresh air,” Ken says.

Ken actually puts his guitar collection to good use himself.

An open piano provides another unexpected graphic touch

Did we say they love their Eames?

Weltron stereo and cassette deck and a collectible Astroboy figure.

A Louie Cordero bust and an Olan Ventura sculpture 

Art and modern design converse in every corner of the Mishuku home

Isa and Ken Mishuku sitting on vintage Vitra Heart Cone Chairs designed by Verner Panton

A 1960s Cherner Pretzel Chair by Plycraft

Two more of Ken and Isa’s MCM pieces

A Julius Redillas painting hovers above a Louie Cordero sculpture and a vintage Eero Saarinen Tulip Stool by Knoll.


Photographs by Chris Clemente

For more on Midcentury Manila, visit their Instagram page.