The US remained in the lead for both most number of new confirmed cases and deaths yesterday. Photo by Tania Fernandez on Unsplash
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The U.S. posts over 100,000 cases in a single day, a record high for any country

Meanwhile, the world posts the most number of coronavirus cases reported for a single day—almost 550,000.
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Oct 31 2020

Disclosure: All data provided are from the Department of Health’s various information sites including their data drop. Where appropriate, other graphs, illustrations, tables and data are appropriately referenced. 

October 31, 2020 (updated)

The last day of October sees lower cases today with 1,803 newly announced cases and 36 deaths, The Philippines now has a total of 380,729 coronavirus cases. 

Rizal province makes its debut on the leader board with 97 new cases followed by Davao City in second and Quezon City in third.

  • The Philippines moves out of the top 20 countries and is down at 22nd rank due to the unprecedented second wave from many European countries. Ukraine now moves up to the 21st rank and Belgium surpasses Indonesia. 
  • The Netherlands, Poland and Czechia are the other European nations that are set to change the global rankings the coming weeks.

Yesterday’s data breakdown


  • Top 5 regions yesterday were: NCR, CALABARZON, Central Luzon, Western Visayas and Eastern Visayas.
  • Among the provinces outside of NCR, four provinces from the CALABARZON area were in the top ten.
  • Nine cities from NCR were in the top twenty cities/municipalities yesterday, with Quezon City remaining on the leader board. 
  • Batangas City, led among cities outside of NCR in the top 20 cities/municipalities that contributed to the pool of cases yesterday. 
  • The new entrant to the top twenty cities/municipalities was the City of Digos in Davao del Sur. 


The world will cross the 46,000,000 mark in a few hours.

It registered a new world record for the most number of coronavirus cases reported for a single day – almost 550,000 cases – more than the 525,000 cases the previous day. 

The US continued its record high numbers with a new world record – over 100,000 new cases in a single day. It surpassed the highest record of India and Brazil.

  • Global case fatality rate is seeing an average decline of 0.15% daily: 2.6 percent
  • The US remained in the lead for both most number of new confirmed cases and deaths yesterday. 
  • Seven European nations were in the top ten contributors to the pool of new cases yesterday – France, Italy, Spain, UK, Belgium, Poland and Germany.

Feature Story

Digos City, Davao del Sur

This 2nd class city in the province of Davao del Sur is considered a part of Metropolitan Davao. It is known for its Carabao Mangoes, both locally sold and exported abroad. The mango capital of the Philippines also serves as Gate City of the South. 

With a population of around 170,000 (census of 2015), and a land area of more than 280 sq km, it has a density of around 590 people/sq km. Digos is divided into 26 barangays. 

Almost 40 percent of households depend on agriculture for their economy. Local transportation is serviced by more than 5,000 pedicabs. Public utility vans serve routes to and from the cities of Davao (which is only one and a half hours away), Cotabato, Kidapawan, Koronadal and General Santos. As it is central to these areas that are seeing higher number of cases in the Mindanao region, it is not a surprise to see Digos City in the top 20.

Digos City saw its first and only case for March on March 30 (swabbed March 23). No cases were seen in April. A new case was reported in May. There were 8 cases in June, 14 in July, 27 in August and 39 in September. For October 1-30 alone, Digos City reported 135 cases.

With a total of 225 cases to date and 5 deaths, this city has a case fatality rate of 2.22 percent, higher than the national average.