Manila Killa Zeta by QUICCS, a Toycon exclusive, and a steel cast figure from Daniel Yu. Photograph by Chris Clemente
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12 toys that caught our eye at this weekend’s ToyCon

From ghouls to superheroes, we list down the most interesting playthings of this latest ToyCon. 
Chris Clemente | Jul 01 2019

Three days of being a child again can’t be all that bad. And that’s exactly what toy fans, both young-ish and young at heart, got this past weekend when ToyCon 2019 lorded over the SMX Convention Center. The biggest annual gathering of toy and pop culture fans in the country, this year’s event which kicked off Friday was graced by The Walking Dead stars Steven Ogg and Michael Cudlitz, and American contemporary artist Ron English. But the rI real stars of the three-day extravaganza were undoubtedly the toys, led by a 22-foot Batman which may or may not be a toy; it all depends how tall you imagine you are. Here are the 12 toys that caught our eye. 

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Mad Panda by Hariken (Tokyo), made of soft vinyl. Php3,000.

Halo halo (a ToyCon exclusive) by Singapore's Jessica Emmett, resin. Sold out on first day. 

Steel cast figures by Daniel Yu. 

Dylie T. by JWON. Made of soft vinyl. Php2,000.

Dong Manta by Happy Garaje. Carved from wood. Php7,500. 

TEQ63 by MESSYMARU x QUICCS Collab. Made from Lego. P6,000. 

Ishihara Mimi by Fanny Kao. Made of resin. Php7,000.

Lunar Creep by Daniel Yu. Made of resin. Php4,200.

RushO by Elrad of Singapore. RushO is the artist's debut character. First time to be seen in the Philippines. Made of resin. Sold for Php 2,800 each.

Blister by Nathan Jurevicius. Php6,500. 

Anateq by Anatoy. Php7,700. 

Manila Killa Zeta (Toycon exclusive) by QUICCS, set price Php12,000


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Photographs by Chris Clemente