Filipinos know how to find the lighter side of life. Always. Illustration by Chris Clemente
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Some of the funniest posts we’ve seen online during this community quarantine

Because we should never forget to laugh. BY JACS T. SAMPAYAN
| Mar 18 2020

While the current COVID-19 situation is no laughing matter, we are Filipinos and we find ways to see the lighter side of whatever we are going through. Add to that our predilection for being pilosopo on social media, and you end up with a plethora of possibilities that we create, discover, and share endlessly. Through community quarantine and ways to cope with cabin fever, to social distancing punchlines and painful truths to get yourself in check, here are some of the funniest we've seen around, which we hope will put a smile on your face even for a few seconds.

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