From left: MJ Suayan's Perforated, and a photograph from Patrick Martires.
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Own a print from your favorite Filipino photographer through this awesome initiative

Local photographers commit to helping take care of their own — but they need a little help from us. 
ANCX | Apr 30 2020

Tomorrow, May 1, Labor Day, photography enthusiasts and art lovers will be able to get the chance of owning works from their favorite Filipino photographers. Silver, the digital printing arm of Quezon City’s Shutterspace Studios, is launching The Shelter Fund, an online platform where select works of our very own lensmen will be available for purchase. Each work, exclusive only to the platform, will be signed and will have only limited copies. 

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Photograph by Charisma Lico.

Proceeds will go to a collective fund for all the participating photographers. 

The list of the guys who signed up is both varied and stunning, from fashion photographers to celebrity portraitists, from documentary practitioners to fine arts practitioners.

Tom Epperson's Palm Spring 3

Call it an act of looking after each other. “Most photographers are freelancers, part of one of the hardest hit sectors of the economy, the self-employed. With cancelled projects or exhibits, locked up at home, and with no real prospects for work in the foreseeable future, all we have left is really, to sell images,” says Jason Quibilan who owns Shutterspace, is one of the movers behind Shelter Fund, and is a photographer himself. “Unfortunately, selling prints is an expensive exercise, and sales aren’t always guaranteed. Thru Shelter Fund, photographers are given the opportunity to sell work without risk.” 

Jar Concengco's Calathea

The prints that will be made available to the public will only be printed as soon as a sale is confirmed. Silver/ Shelter Fund brought the idea to the photographers, made a system for them to send images for posting and printing, and are setting up the online sale. The group is also shouldering all the backroom work, including printing and delivery to buyers. “All at no cost up front for the participating photographers," says Quibilan. "On every sale, after paying an almost ‘at-cost’ printing, and 10-20% of the gross, most of the sale goes directly to the photographer. The 10-20% goes to a communal fund that will eventually be divvied up equally amongst all participants. Everyone gets something, whether you got to sell or not. All you gotta do is participate.” 

Miguel Nacianceno

The production/ printing and signing of the prints will be done as soon as the enhanced community quarantine is lifted. The group estimates deliveries to buyers be completed within two weeks after lifting of ECQ.   

“Photographers need to look after fellow photographers,” the group’s statement says. “We need to make sure those in our sector are able to continue their contributions to our country and society, as well as to those that they care after.” 


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