Hair removal boutique addresses Pinoys' worst fears about Brazilian waxing

Strip Manila

Posted at Dec 26 2018 07:44 PM

Bumping into an ex – awkward. Talking to your crush with spinach in your teeth – horrifying. Meeting your boyfriend's parents - downright scary. But nothing gets awkward, horrifying and scary real quick than having to bare your private parts to a complete stranger for a full Brazilian wax. 

It may seem like a situation most would want to avoid, but we assure you, the temporary discomfort is worth the brilliant results - soft, baby smooth, hair-free skin for weeks! 

At Strip, the Ministry of Waxing, it's their business to turn the scary experience of waxing your intimates into something that can be quite amazing. It's good grooming that's worth every penny.

"And there’s nothing to be scared about actually," assures Strip's skilled and talented team. "Every fear that you have is unfounded. Here at Strip, your comfort is our priority."

Even if you aren't planning on donning a bikini or heading out to the beach anytime soon, enjoying smooth, hair-free skin can be liberating. 

Here, we address some of your most pressing fears and concerns about Brazilian waxing. 


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1. Will they judge my private parts?

You're dealing with pros, and every insecurity you have with your body – "My singit is too dark," "My armpits aren't pretty," "My hair is too curly or coarse" - the Strip team understands, because they're women themselves. So be comforted by the fact that they know exactly how you feel. 

Plus, they've done the treatments thousands of times for hundreds of different clients, so the staff has seen everything. Remember, private parts are normal and are acceptable in whatever shape or form, so don't worry about yours being any different. 

2. I'm afraid they will talk about my intimates to others

At Strip, they make it a point to make this a safe place for you, so you can relax and be confident that you're in good hands. And no, they won't gossip about your or any other clients' intimates. Respect, comfort and privacy are priorities of the management.

They understand that you may have questions about waxing and other treatments, so feel free at any time to ask. They're more than willing to give you the answers. 

3. Will I have to be completely naked?

For Brazilian wax, in order for the Strip team to do a good job, you will be needed to remove your underwear--bottom only. You don’t worry about catching a cold, because you'll be kept warm and cozy with a blanket and pillows.

As they work on your intimates, they'll only expose the parts that they're working on. If you don't know what to do, the staff will guide you through the process, instructing you to lift a leg or turn around, so that they can wax the areas swiftly and efficiently. 

4. Is it painful? 

There's no way to avoid it. Waxing – especially the full Brazilian wax – will entail a little pain and discomfort, but Strip minimizes it by employing skill and technique, and by bringing a relaxing ambience. 

Extra pillows and gum are handy to help relieve stress and distract you.

Each of the personnel have tried the different waxing treatments, so they know what to expect and what their clients will feel, and are therefore extra gentle and considerate. 

5. Are the results worth it?

The benefits can outweigh the pain. For a full Brazilian wax, it takes around 30 to 40 minutes depending on your hair growth. Strip staff remove the hair from the root, so you can enjoy soft, baby smooth skin and a flawless bikini line for weeks. 

An added bonus, the hair usually grows back a little thinner, so it will be a little less painful with every succeeding treatment. 

As scary as a Brazilian wax may seem, it can be worth it. Give in to good grooming and enjoy a feeling of liberation.

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