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American Standard

Posted at Nov 20 2019 02:53 PM

Thinking of refurbishing your bathroom but do not know where to start and what to look for? 

Thoughtfully crafted, sophisticated and purposefully designed sanitary ware brand American Standard releases its latest pieces. 

Boasting with nostalgic beauty and a modern flair, the Kastello Collection incorporates technological innovation, modern sensibilities, and the latest hygiene technologies into the features of their bathroom essentials. 

Symmetrical curves and angles, defined edges and crafted details – the bespoke design is not only for the aesthetic but also contributes to the functionality and increase in comfort for the user. 

The craftsmanship of the Kastello Collection gives your bathroom a sophisticated and stylish feel. 

Before buying a new pair of sink and faucet, find out first if it will provide the needed functions while giving your bathroom a new look and feel.

With a ceramic cartridge in the faucet, the COMFORTMOVE ensures a smooth and consistent control of the water flow, delivering precision in usage.

The single lever faucet of the ECOSTART makes eco-friendliness design a reality. It releases cold water first to help prevent the boiler from heating up, resulting in 30 percent energy savings.

And the DURASHINE feature contributes to the longevity of the shiny finish, adding to the aesthetic pleasure of its user.

If you are looking to upgrade your water closet, do not immediately choose the cheaper option that is readily available. Read, browse around, and test the product first to know if it suits your day-today needs.

Unlike anything in the market today, the Kastello Collection boasts one of the best of hygiene technologies with its power features.

Delivering twin torrents of water from two openings, the SIPHONMAX WITH POWER RIM creates a whirlpool around the bowl while a jet of water is released from below creating a second push action. Coupled with water being funneled away from the bottom of the bowl that generates a powerful pull action, the SIPHONMAX effectively removes both heavy and light waste.

The ARMORLID WITH EASYLIFT uses a cutting-edge material on both seat and cover that assures users enhanced durability. The finish is also resistant to scratch, impact, and discoloration. 

Meanwhile the DOUBLE VORTEX allows twin water jets from two openings that create a swirl vortex to maximize flushing performance while minimizing water usage with the Close-Coupled Toilet. 
The COMFORTCLEAN feature ensures safety and hygiene as it effectively kills E. coli bacteria. 
Finally, the One-Piece toilet is engineered with AQUA CERAMIC to help prevent accumulation of dirt and the formation of dark rings on the surface. The award-winning super hydrophilic technology keeps the toilet smooth and shiny like a brand-new piece.
American Standard reaches new heights in bathroom perfection with the Kastello Collection, showcasing sophisticated and functional pieces that are packed with cutting-edge technology while taking in consideration stylish yet sensible lifestyles and preferences.

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