Haharapin Natin: An anthem of hope and optimism

Magnolia Dari Creme

Posted at Oct 29 2020 11:16 AM

Music has helped many get through troubling times and provided a happy soundtrack on good days – it has brought to life stories of old, passed down messages of love, and encouraged confidence and empowerment. It is also the same in times of hardships, people have been leaning on songs to find comfort and joy. 

As the country continuous to deal with the current health situation, organizations and individuals are tirelessly looking for ways to boost the fallen morale and inspire optimism among the people. 

Magnolia Dari Creme teamed up with singer-songwriter Barbie Almalbis to release their own version of the song Umagang Kay Ganda.It is accompanied by a music video celebrating the Filipino's enduring spirit, familial love, and continued cheerfulness despite the circumstances. Magnolia Dari Creme — a brand of premium table refrigerated margarine that brings something extra to any dish with its enticing melt, inviting aroma and delicious taste — hopes to contribute in bringing positivity to struggling Filipinos with this video. 

This collaboration also eyes to remind people that even if trials and tribulations are seemingly endless, tomorrow will always bring new chances for a better and brighter day. It also serves as a special thank you message to Filipino frontliners who are dedicating their lives and making sacrifices in the past seven months. 

The video was released on July 30, 2020, coinciding with the medical community's plea for a 'timeout.' 

More than two months after its release, the music video is still garnering traction on social media for its uplifting message and encouraging tune. The video has received over 10.4-M views (8.8-M views on Facebook and 1.6-M on YouTube), 256-K reactions, and 1.8-K comments (Barbie Almalbis' Facebook page).

Here are some of what the netizens were saying about it. 

On Facebook, a user said, ''Beautiful video which has [a] strong message. It tells everything. May God bless everyone on this planet.'' Another commented, ''Nice song! Thanks Dari Creme and to Ms. Barbie for the inspirational music and videos.'' 

''In spite of our frustrations to those sitting at the top, we should remain optimistic and hopeful coz the "simple Juans" at the ground are fighting hard and serving with unconditional passion. #SaluteToOurFrontliners #SaludoSaDiSumusukongJuan #LabanPilipinas. This too shall pass. Thank you for this music, it invokes so much positivity and hope in this trying time,'' one heartfelt comment said. 

A netizen was even moved to tears by the video. ''Habang pinapanood ko ang music video bigla na lang akong naluha. Yes, haharapin natin, basta't sama-sama, sisikat din ang isang umagang kay ganda. Thank You Lord for using Ms. Barbie in this very inspiring music video clip. Tunay na nagbibigay ng pag-asa.'' 

[While I was watching the music video, I suddenly burst into tears. Yes, together we can deal with anything and will see the rise of a beautiful morning. Thank You Lord for using Ms. Barbie in this very inspiring music video clip. It truly gives hope.]

Netizens also commented on Almalbis' angelic singing voice. ''I like the meaning of the song and I like the singer, too, nice voice sobrang nakakarelax.'' [I like the meaning of the song and I like the singer, too, [she has] a nice voice, very relaxing.] One aspiring singer was even inspired to use this rendition as their song entry in an online singing contest. 

It is clear from the thousands of comments that people were moved and inspired by the underlying message of the song and the music video. 

'Anumang pagsubok ang ating harapin, palagi nating tandaan na sabay-sabay tayong babangon at sasalubong sa isang Umagang kay Ganda!'' one comment on YouTube declares. 

[No matter what trials we face, we must always remember that we will rise together and see a beautiful morning.]

Reacting to the onslaught of comments and likes on the music video, Almalbis said, ''I was definitely touched by the way people responded to Umagang Kay Ganda. Some even made their own renditions, and others shared their stories and encouraging messages on social media. I am grateful that it has somehow helped people find hope and joy in [the] middle of these troubling times.''

The song was written by songwriter and producer Butch Monserrat and brought to fame by OPM icons, Ray-An Fuentes and Tillie Moreno. Umagang Kay Ganda was originally intended as a song about families or loved ones finding joy with every new day. Decades later, the song remains popular and with this rendition by Magnolia Dari Creme and Almalbis, it has become a true anthem of hope and optimism amid challenging times. 

Whenever the situation gets to be too much or when you feel hopeless, just try to remember that may pag-asa sa pagsapit ng bawa't umaga. [Hope comes with every morning.]

Watch Barbie Almalbis and Magnolia Dari Creme's music video of Umagang Kay Ganda on YouTube or Facebook. The song is also available on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.

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