How to achieve stunning hair without a trip to the salon

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Posted at Oct 23 2020 05:57 PM | Updated as of Oct 26 2020 11:05 AM

Being stuck at home does not mean that you have to settle for bedhead every day. Even if you are not up for a DIY haircut at home or do not want to make the trip to the salon just yet, you can still have beautiful locks ready for every virtual meeting or study session. 

How? It starts by picking the right product for your specific hair type and committing to a beauty regimen. 

The hair needs just as much love as the skin, so it is equally important to select hair products with carefully selected ingredients specifically tailored to your hair concern. 

As one of the leading personal care providers in the country, Palmolive understands that people have varying hair types. To answer this, Palmolive Expertique has a full range of products that seeks to target the most common hair concerns of Filipinos – whether it is damaged, dry, frizzy, or colored hair. 

What makes the Palmolive Expertique range special is a wonder ingredient: activated Keratin and Ceramide Serum (KCS). While Keratin is a well-known salon ingredient lauded for strengthening hair from within, Ceramide is widely used in skincare for helping the skin retain moisture and protect it against environmental aggressors – it is also naturally found in the hair. 

How it works? The activated Keratin and Ceramide Serum coats the strands and provides a barrier that nourishes and protects the hair. Without Keratin and Ceramide, hair strands can become dull, dry, and vulnerable. 

By including these products with this innovative serum in your hair care regimen, stronger, more nourished, and stunning hair is no longer a dream, but an achievable goal. 

The whole Palmolive Expertique hair regimen with activated Keratin and Ceramide Serum is intended to answer any hair concern. To help you find out which specific variant will give you the best stay-at-home hair ever, check out this guide. 

For Normal to Dry Hair

Normal or dry hair is common and quite easy to maintain with the right ingredients. Palmolive Expertique Revitaliste Shampoo and Conditioner addresses this by combining activated Keratin and Ceramide Serum with other nourishing elements. 

All these are combined to combat dryness, deeply nourish hair fibers, and enhance the hair's vitality.

For Frizzy, Flyaway Hair

Humid environments can cause frizz and flyaway hair. No worries though because plenty of gels and creams in the country have found a way to tame the mane. One of which is the Palmolive Expertique Smoothique Shampoo and Conditioner duo that is infused with activated Keratin and Ceramide Serum. This pair is made to seamlessly tame and add control to hair strands, leading to straighter and beautifully flowing hair. 

For Color-Treated Hair

Many have found that coloring their hair becomes an extension of their self-expression. That is why we see plenty of people trying boxed dyes or DIY kits. As many will know, maintaining colored hair can be difficult as the vibrancy tends to fade quickly.

A tip is to avoid products with sulfates or any harsh chemicals that can cause the color to fade faster. 

Palmolive Expertique Coloriste Shampoo and Conditioner does not contain any sulfates and is infused with activated Keratin and Ceramide Serum that helps you keep your colored locks vibrant longer.

For Damaged Hair

Everybody wants to have stronger hair but circumstances such as stress, changes in diet, excessive styling or coloring might prevent this from happening. 

When used regularly, the Palmolive Expertique Resiliente Shampoo and Conditioner set can help damaged or over-treated hair. That is because its formula has activated Keratin and Ceramide Serum that reconstructs and fortifies hair against damage, making strong and resilient hair easier to achieve. 

Palmolive Expertique completes the line with a weekly Intensive Hair Mask infused with the same activated Keratin and Ceramide Serum to instantly hydrate dry and damaged hair; an Anti-Frizz Serum that further protects hair against frizz and calms stressed-out strands; and a Beautifying Hair Oil that provides intense nutrition and enhanced shine and silkiness. Any of these products can supplement whatever hair regimen you choose to go with. 

Now is the best time to shower your hair with love. Know that having video-call ready hair does not only mean salon-treated hair. You can achieve beautiful locks even in the safety of your home. Just remember to pick the right products with the right ingredients and commit to your hair regimen. 

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