Elevating metro living with European style and flair


Posted at Sep 25 2019 06:28 PM

The two of the five towers of Proscenium at Rockwell Land named ‘Kirov’ and ‘Lorraine’ aim to embody the traditional European style that evokes a certain old-world charm that brings together sophisticated textures and colors to create a grand look.

US-based Filipino designer Butch Valdez intricated the towers with gilded décor and antique pieces to add a sense and feel of elegance—one that perfectly complements the discerning tastes of a well-travelled Filipino.

Kirov, aptly named after the historic theater of opera and ballet in St. Petersburg, has Bessarabian carpets sprawled on Italian marble flooring, Hermes fabric lounge chairs, and brutalist masculine artwork to adorn its walls. 

Lorraine, on the other hand, embraces the effortless charm of Paris, curating pieces that are a mix of vintage and new. Boasting the biggest function room among the five towers, Lorraine upholds elegance with an array of tasteful European art and ornate decorative mirrors.

It is also more traditional in design compared to Kirov and has a certain laissez-faire attitude for being the only building designed without a floor pattern. A sprawling carpet is instead put that draws all eyes around the room. 

Inspired by master architect Carlos Ott, Valdez aims to create a more elevated lifestyle by fusing cultural influences with an elegant, contemporary aesthetic to create sanctuaries for the discerning few. 

Valdez first transformed Sakura and Lincoln, the first two towers of the five-tower Proscenium, a few years ago. 

Sakura reflects Japanese modern minimalism through a soothing palette of warm neutrals, while the Lincoln builds on a more Western aesthetic, striking a balance between function and design. 

As seen through his work, Valdez does not aim to create stiff displays and showrooms. His ultimate goal is to design spaces that people will love coming home to. 

“My secret to any space—not just a condo—is to design it for the people who will occupy it,” Valdez said. “What’s the purpose of living in a space that looks amazing, but does not serve the purpose of the owners?”

This thoughtfulness in design is shown from the expansive lobbies warmed by natural light to the beautifully designed suites, each becomes a stunning vignette of upscale, cosmopolitan living. It is also visible in his selection of architectural finishes, furniture, palettes, fabrics, antique artwork and accessories that create the defined look for each tower. 

“I was very sensitive to ensure flow, from the moment you enter the main entrance to your rooms. I wanted to keep the transition from space to space as fluid and as seamless as possible,” Valdez said. 

As beautifully and impeccably as he designed each space, Valdez never forgets to nurture a sense of warmth, ensuring that anyone who enters Kirov, Lorraine, or any of the Proscenium towers feels that this is a home that welcomes him or her. 

“As a whole, you’ll see continuity among all five towers, so the essence of Proscenium is never lost,” he explained. “Go to any tower and feel that you are part of the community.” 

Each tower has its own gym, meeting room, lounge area, study area, and private dining room. The Amenity Deck on the fifth floor also allows homeowners to make the most of the great outdoors with gazebos, a pool and a lazy river. 

At Proscenium, everyone can indeed experience elevated cosmopolitan living with the enhanced privacy and exclusivity that only Rockwell can provide. This is city living at its finest—the best of Rockwell yet!

For more details about Proscenium, visit https://www.prosceniumatrockwell.com/.

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