Looking for safe, 'pang good vibes’ activities? Here's what’s been trending so far

McDonald's Philippines

Posted at Sep 09 2020 12:30 PM

Filipinos are known to place a high regard for their family and loved ones before anything else. As the country hops on to an unknown era of stringent protocols and quarantine guidelines, this trait has not dwindled in the very least. Which is why, families and "barkadas" have innovated ways to still create simple but meaningful moments despite the current situation.

Here are some of the bonding or me-time moments that we are seeing on social media:

Planting a container garden

Aspiring planters do not have to wait to be on large-scale fields to start their very own garden. While succulents continue to trend, other easily grown plants can thrive beautifully in small containers. Get crafty and decorate them to your liking. How about an Apple Pie and Hot Fudge after?

Upcycling old clothes

Decluttering can be a breath of fresh air. If giving it away is not an option, how about upgrading it? With a handful of DIY tutorials online, this can be really fun especially with good food. How about the new Spicy McNuggets and Chocolate Shake? This may even spike some inspiration to your DIY project!

Attending a virtual concert with friends

Virtual meetups are a rising norm, allowing not just video conferences, but even museum and world tours, and much followed concerts of various artists over streaming apps. So, wear your party hats and wave your lightsticks as you chant alongside your friends while eating your favorite McDonald's fries paired with your favorite drink—perhaps a McFloat?

Setting up a home movie theater

With less costly projectors in the market nowadays, propping up a mini cinema in a corner of the house is made more doable. Gather family members around and enjoy your flicks of choice—from artistic classics, soul-shaking slashers, to heartwarming romantic comedies. Enjoy your movie time with McDonald's Group Selection of BFF Fries, Chicken McDo, or McNuggets for sharing.

Watch how McDonald's portrayed this barkada moment in its Kita-kits Campaign video here 

Enjoy these indoor activities with your McDonald’s favorites safely available via McDelivery (which you can now order via Messenger, btw!)

Every McDelivery order comes with a note indicating the temperature of both the rider and the person who prepared the food, and delivery bags used are sanitized before and after each delivery. This and more safety protocols have been shared by McDonald’s that truly re-assures us of the same quality and service they’ve always been known for.

In a virtual press event, McDonald's President and CEO shared that "Quality, service, safety, cleanliness and value have always been integral parts of McDonald's culture. These have guided us throughout the years of providing delicious food and feel good moments for Filipino communities. With the current situation, we make sure to leverage this constant commitment as we elevate and strengthen our existing measures for the uncompromised safety of our people and our customers."

Times may be different now, but what McDonald's guarantees its customers is the familiar feeling of feel-good moments with loved ones over good food. Essentially, it is the same McDonald's experience only made even safer.

To learn more about how McDonald's has created safe and feel-good moments for Filipinos, check out their official Facebook page.

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