JRS Express celebrates 60 years of express-delivery service

JRS Express

Posted at Sep 09 2020 10:46 AM | Updated as of Sep 09 2020 05:00 PM

At a time of a health crisis, it is crucial that people follow quarantine and health protocols to ensure that everyone stays safe with as few casualties as possible. But how will society run if everyone is at home? Since the community quarantine was first implemented in the Philippines, people have relied on courier and delivery services to gain access to essentials and send important packages across the country.

One such company that has been present throughout is JRS Express. And as it celebrates six decades in the industry, it stands by its motto of "Kahit Kailan Maaasahan. Kahit Saan Makakarating," even on Sundays and even in quarantine. 

The Beginning 


JRS Express has established itself in the 1960s for its speedy and on-time messengerial and express delivery services, staying true to its logo – the roadrunner. Under the late Dr. Jaime L. Claparols, the company was one of the first couriers to acquire a C-45 plane, allowing it to fly packages to Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cagayan De Oro, and Davao.

Under the leadership of his son Antonio M. Claparols, now company president and chief executive officer, JRS Express has further risen to new heights. Pushing through with their vision despite many challenges such as the death of Dr. Claparols, the martial law of 1972, and a three-year buyout.

Claparols attributes their work ethics to the values his parents have instilled. "There [at JRS Express], I learned the value of hard work and respect for our greatest asset, our people. I learned to be tough with lawyers and soft with our clients. Softer than soft and tougher than tough, Dad would always say. 'Help the poor and the sick, work hard, and be right'."

With the advent of technology and the rise of e-commerce, the company found itself in the right place at the right time with over 440 branches and a fleet that crisscrosses the country with 60 years of experience.

60 years later

Six decades, millions of packages containing a variety of items, and a different social climate — one thing remains for JRS Express: bringing joy to every home with every delivery. 

Today, its fleet is made of more than 1,500 delivery vehicles and 3,000 staff. It operates 365 days a year and allows clients to track their packages 24/7. It has established a strong presence on social media and revamped its website for ease of access. In efforts to go cashless, it has partnered with GCash and Alipay.

"In these days of apps and the internet, it is even more important to deliver door-to-door personally, and not by drones or robots, the letters, parcels, and love that connect our islands and make us a family of Filipinos," said Claparols. "We are moving ahead of 60 years and there is no stopping us. God is our dispatcher and we are His messengers."

Through the pandemic

To ensure the safety of its employees at this time, JRS Express invested in proper PPEs, provided daily free shuttles to work, and instituted rapid testing per employee at least twice a month. For those employees that have shown symptoms of the virus, the company shoulders all rapid testing, swab testing, and hospital expenses. It has also rented a hotel to accommodate employees as a quarantine center with its in-house doctors.
"We will always continue to innovate and to find ways to successfully deliver by any means necessary. Whether through land trips, ships or planes, we will brave through this pandemic as a company, a family, and a country," said Claparols. "Today, JRS is 100% infection-free, and we will continue to remain vigilant."

Despite servicing over 30,000 barangays and 95% of the country, JRS Express remains that they are more than just a company, but a family. 

From typhoons, martial laws, and the current pandemic — JRS Express hopes to continue bringing smiles, love, and joy in every home, with every package.

 For every share of the video online, JRS Express pledges to donate P1 to their chosen charity or institution. 

To know more about JRS Express and its services, visit its official website and Facebook page. #HatidLigaya 

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