Health experts' advice on proper cleaning of clothes


Posted at Sep 07 2020 03:51 PM

It may not be visible to the naked eye, but germs are abundant outdoors and they can cling to clothes as one travels home. Even if some people choose to stay at home, nooks and crannies of the house may still accumulate a handful of germs and bacteria, more so if they are not regularly cleaned and disinfected. 

These germs that can cling on clothes are not good for people and it may even put them at risk when their bodies are vulnerable. Thus, to help Filipinos better protect their families, the Department of Health (DOH) provided several guidelines to help people protect themselves better. For starters, they are recommending people who go outside to segregate and wash their clothes immediately upon entering the house to prevent germs from spreading in the house. 

This measure was backed by experts from the Philippine Society of Microbiology, Inc. (PSM), by recommending a laundry detergent that elevated the standards of degerming by cleaning clothes deeply even up to its small fibers. One of the laundry detergents that can help with this is Ariel. The Philippine Society for Microbiology, Inc. recommends the use of this product as it has a cleaning power that removes virus and 99.9% of germs, based on a test on representative Influenza virus, and a technical test of one representative germ on cotton fabric.

To prove the efficacy of this detergent on dirty clothes, Ariel conducted a germ test experiment using a Germ Meter, a Surface ATP Test, and a makeshift washer to determine how much germs linger on a used dress. 

After swabbing the test fabric on the dress, it was found out that it has 122 relative light units (RLU)—an indication that the fabric is dirty as the Germ Meter manual stated that there should only be 30 RLU or below to identify a certain fabric as clean. After washing a portion of the dress using Ariel detergent, the number of germs immediately went down to only 1 RLU. 

Aside from the pointers given by health experts, another simple tip is to wear a button-down shirt instead of a t-shirt when going outside so that once users get home, they can easily take it off and it would not have to touch the face which, according to health officials, is an avenue where germs can enter the body and can cause respiratory infections. 

Furthermore, as part of its goal of helping Filipinos ensure their health, Ariel Philippines became the forefront of a nation-building advocacy and launched the #JuanSafeWash—a germ-protection movement backed by health experts that promotes a safer way of doing laundry using Ariel. 

The #JuanSafeWash advocacy, in partnership with the PSM, DOH, The Medical City, and Quicklean, is supported by many moms, celebrities, and even the Ariel Queen Regine Velasquez-Alcasid herself, to better safeguard their families against germs that linger on clothes.

Support the #JuanSafeWash movement and ensure your family's safety from dirty clothes by using Ariel that deep cleans and removes virus and 99.9% of germs, based on a test on representative Influenza virus, and a technical test of one representative germ on cotton fabric.

Keep in mind to always segregate and wash outside clothes immediately to prevent germs from spreading in the home and putting your loved ones at risk.

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