5 tips to make home learning fun and interactive for your child


Posted at Aug 20 2020 04:30 PM | Updated as of Sep 04 2020 12:42 PM

Education is vital throughout every stage of a person's life. With the current situation changing many of the world's practices and compromising every child's education, it comes without a doubt that adjustments have to be made so that they can still receive quality learning even at home.

When it comes to children, it pays to be mindful of their holistic growth and development which includes both academics and learning through play and fun activities, good nutrition, and parent-child bonding.

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Here are five tips to stimulate fun learning with kids.

Avoid giving orders

Giving harsh commands when educating them tends to form a sense of fear among children. Rather than getting them to learn through a ''rewards and punishments'' arrangement, establish support in the process by being patient and understanding enough to let them see their wrongdoings through their own assessments. Try a gentle yet firm approach, so that the child will not associate learning with terror.

Be clear and specific

Implement a clear objective to reach and a clear timeline to achieve it. Assign small and simple instructions for kids to accomplish, and explain the purpose of every task. After carefully repeating directions and providing examples, allot a lenient deadline for the activities to be completed, with the assurance that they can do better next time when the deadline is not met.

Create an inclusive environment

Be welcoming of their ideas and make them feel involved in decision-making. Take note that for children to get a sense of accountability, they need to feel like they are somewhat in charge or at least part of a consensus, and not merely followers. Listen to their proposals and find a way to insert these into the learning system.

Help identify and regulate their emotions

Getting in touch with a child's interests means knowing their feelings on different topics and situations, and helping them manage these by encouraging them to acknowledge it. Ask them to name their emotions and assist them in identifying what could have caused such. By doing so, children can develop healthy behaviors and reactions at every encounter.

Use up-to-date learning tools

Times are rapidly evolving and teaching methods that worked in the past may no longer be as effective today. To keep up with the changing times, it is critical to explore more tools and ways to make learning fun and enjoyable for children.

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Learning does not stop outside of school premises. Each home is a venue for a child to unlock more possibilities and growth.

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