3 ways to thank your parents this graduation season


Posted at Apr 16 2019 12:54 PM | Updated as of Apr 26 2019 03:01 PM

It's graduation season again.

Practice sessions for marching and the toga-fitting excite students as they look forward to the day that will mark the culmination of their struggles and success in school.

It is also best for graduates to take the time to thank people who helped them go through school, most especially their parents.

Here are three simple ways to show gratitude:

1. Treat your family to a graduation celebration

There's no more profound way of telling your parents that you appreciate all their efforts than by spending quality time with them.

No need to eat at a fancy restaurant. A simple celebratory meal at home is enough. You can even treat them to a tub of ice cream to show your appreciation. Sharing laughs and memories over a delicious tub is enough for them to feel your heartfelt sincerity.

Just like Selecta’s new video below – Watch how this graduating boy thanks his father for all the sacrifices he made for his education!

2. Bring home an award

Bringing home an award, may it be academic, conduct, or extra-curricular is one of the best ways to say thank you to your parents this graduation season.

Nothing makes a parent prouder than a child being recognized in school for his hard work and dedication.

Watch this really cute video from Selecta – it shows that a mother is always proud of her child no matter how big or small the award the child gets. 

3. Give them a simple thank you note

Last but not the least, a simple yet sincere thank you for all the hard work and sacrifice they did just to send you to school will mean the whole world to them. Let them know that you remember and value their hardships with a thoughtful message.

Watch how this young man thanked his dad for his sacrifice.

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