How technology could be used to empower family members

EastWest Bank

Posted at Jun 11 2019 04:23 PM

Parents and adults play an important role in teaching children the healthy use of technology, especially during these times when everyone maintains some form of digital presence. 

The emergence of gaming, social media, and apps has given rise to limited face-to-face interactions, thus leading to a realization that technology has indeed become a big part of personal and family life.

But despite all the negative implications we may attribute to technology, it has undeniable benefits.

For one, technology—especially social media—has given us the possibility to be in touch with our family any time. 

Social media has also brought about advances in education, work, finance, and more. 

Take for example online banking. Instead of having to line up to withdraw cash, bank websites such as EastWest Bank allows us to manage our money online. More so, with their Family Ties Bundle, a checking account with cash cards, the head of the household may conveniently distribute funds to loved ones through their phones.

Family Ties also minimizes the risk of losing money, either by misplacing cash or spending it on something else. 

It also gives you control over your finances, as you can access the record of your checking account transactions and balance. 

Most of all, it’s safe and secure, as EastWest Bank ensures your privacy and identity are protected.

With Family Ties, up to 5 members of the household can claim a cash card, which they can use as debit card for cashless transactions or withdrawal via an ATM. Pretty convenient, don’t you think?

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