US right to declare Jerusalem as Israel capital, says envoy


Posted at Dec 08 2017 02:44 PM

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The United States made the right move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, its envoy to the Philippines said Friday.

Israel's Ambassador to the Philippines Effie Ben Matityau explained that there should be no question about America's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital as this has always been the case.

"We have to separate between the noise and the voice, the politics, emotions, and be a bit more rational. What does it mean? Politically, Israel has every right to declare Jerusalem as a capital. Historically, it's the only capital we ever had. No one else had it as its capital, not the Arab nations, not the Christian nations.They have it as a Holy City. It's going to remain the Holy City. No one is going to touch it," he said in an interview on ANC's "Early Edition."

He added that he also believes US President Donald Trump made the right call by deciding to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Trump's declaration has triggered protests from Palestine, which has been locked in a long-standing conflict with Israel. 

-ANC Early Edition, December 8, 2017