How can parents find out if their kids are bullied?


Posted at Jun 23 2018 06:02 AM | Updated as of Jun 23 2018 11:44 AM

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MANILA- It's no secret that some children become victims of bullying.

And parents who wish to help their children can do so in a way that can make their children feel understood.

According to clinical psychologist Violeta Bautista, parents who wish to know whether their children are being bullied should look out for changes in behavior.

"Basically, to determine whether something is happening to our kid, whether its bullying or some other reasons like having psychological problems you watch a change in patterns of behaving, relating, and feeling," she told ANC Friday.

When asking children about their bullying experiences, Bautista also noted that it is important for parents to do so in a manner that shows interest and concern instead of simply to gain information.

"Just listen without judgment and then you know what's happening. Maybe when you listen to the story you realize that there's more to what [you] see," she said.