'Baby Shark' just became a Billboard Top 40 hit


Posted at Jan 11 2019 06:03 PM

'Baby Shark' has just made its debut in the Billboard Top 100 chart, making a splash among the Top 40 songs. Pinkfong

It was just a few months ago when British comedian and television host James Corden described "Baby Shark," the infectious kid's jingle, as the defining song of this generation. 

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"[It's] A song that unites us all together in beautiful harmony," he quipped. 

And while Corden may have been just setting up his funny skit, which saw him deliver an oddly beautiful cover featuring not just Sophie Turner but also Josh Groban, there's no denying that the tune's popularity is no joke. 

Case in point: its inclusion in the Billboard Hot 100 this week, swimming its way towards the number 32 spot for its chart debut, just a few places short from those occupied by the likes of Lady Gaga, Khalid, and Imagine Dragons. 

Billboard explains that the song's emergence in the chart now (the song was released in 2016) was due to a combination of the steady growth of those who stream it, and the drop-off in seasonal songs now that the holidays are over. 

According to data posted by Billboard, "Baby Shark" boasted 20.8 million streams just last week. 

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"Baby Shark" was created by Pinkfong, a children's educational brand from South Korea. The kid's song about a family of sharks who go hunting together inspired a dance challenge which went viral back in 2017, with many Filipinos joining in. 

Its original video is one of the most viewed on YouTube ever. To date, it has more than 2.1 billion views. 

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