Taekwondo association to ban Ateneo student dismissed for bullying


Posted at Dec 24 2018 08:52 AM

MANILA - A committee of the Philippine Taekwondo Association (PTA) has recommended a dismissed Ateneo student's ban from all sanctioned events related to the sport following a viral video of him bullying a schoolmate.

The video that recently made rounds online shows the junior high school student using taekwondo to assault his schoolmate in a restroom of the Ateneo de Manila Junior High School. The aggressor ended up bloodying the victim's nose.

A PTA committee that investigated the incident recommended "an indefinite ban of the student involved from all sanctioned events not limited to Taekwondo-related events, belt promotions, tournaments or facilities of member institutions effective immediately," PTA President Robert Aventajado said Monday.

The body also recommended that the student undergo counseling, he said in a statement posted on the PTA's Facebook page.

"The aim for this is to allow the individual to own responsibility for his actions, show remorse and contribute positively to society," Aventajado said.

"Should he or his family decline this option, the PTA will have no choice but to expel the practitioner from the association," he added.

Supervised counseling and rehabilitation are conditions for reinstatement to the PTA, he said.

Aventajado added that the PTA will evaluate the student's compliance after the rehabilitation program and even then, will put him on probationary status for at least a year.

The PTA president also urged the public to be mindful of their social media comments, considering that those involved in the bullying incident are minors.

"We truly believe that the best way to move forward from this incident is to provide the child with the necessary guidance and mentorship and an opportunity to exhibit remorse and provide restitution to the community in general," he said.

The Ateneo on Sunday announced it was dismissing the student over the incident. Several other videos of the student attacking schoolmates have also surfaced online.