NBA: Isaiah Thomas' letter to Boston will give you all the feels


Posted at Sep 07 2017 02:36 AM

Isaiah Thomas hadn't said much since being traded by the Boston Celtics to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In one candid, poignant piece he wrote for The Players' Tribune posted on Wednesday, he poured his heart out.

"When I say this hurts, man — just know that it isn’t because of anything anyone else did. It’s only because of something I did. I fell in love with Boston," Thomas wrote.

He didn't hold back in his message, and made sure to get one point across — that he doesn't hold a grudge: "I wasn’t wronged. It was Boston’s right to trade me."

Thomas touched on several subjects — the time he played immediately in the postseason after his sister Chyna died, his arrival and years in Beantown when the Celtics were rebuilding and irrelevant, and the idea of playing with LeBron James.

He also brought up loyalty in sports, tying his situation with the 2016 offseason that saw Kevin Durant bolt the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors.

"I just hope that the next time a player leaves in free agency, and anybody wants to jump on him or write a critical story or a nasty tweet about him, maybe now they’ll think twice," Thomas wrote. 

"When it comes to business, (loyalty) ain’t nothing to count on."

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